Software Dev (Games)

Hidden Agenda

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note: This game is due to be taken down on October 22, 2013 :(

Description: Noir-style hidden object game. Play the role of an out-of-town detective, brought in to solve the nefarious murder of Puckerwhip, Green County's town planner. Solve clues and help out the townsfolk to progress through the game's rich storyline and vast content. Uncover new characters, disguises and hidden-object scenes, while progressing and unlocking new areas of Green County. Help to upgrade the town as you progress in order to unlock greater rewards and new content as you go.

Tech: Actionscript 3, Python

Company: PopCap Games Inc.


Click to play on Facebook, or download for Android, or iOS

Description: Originally created as an online slot-machine platform for Facebook, SlotSpot has now evolved into a more fully rounded casino experience, with free apps available for Android and iOS

Tech: Actionscript 3, PHP

Company: Blitzoo Interactive

Party On

Description: Throw a party for your facebook friends in your own backyard. Be a fantastic host by meeting your guests' needs; Visit friends' parties to interact with them and make their parties great!; Customize your avatar; Decorate and upgrade your own yard for bonus points and visual appeal. Have an overall amazing time!

Tech: Actionscript 3, PHP

Company: Blitzoo Interactive

Planetoids Inc.

Description: Take on the role of an intergalactic terraformer. Explore new and exciting worlds, trade and mine for the raw materials needed to advance lifeless planetoids into unique, beautiful and fully-fledged worlds, teeming with life!
Expand your space station to accommodate newly discovered technologies and generate food and resources for your Jorblin workers!
Trade with friends to help each other on your way.

Tech: Actionscript 3, PHP

Company: Blitzoo Interactive


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