Leather arm bracers

This first bracer was a donation for Intention gathering’s winter fundraiser, 2013.

And this one was just for fun 😉


20 Jan 2014

Heart necklace

Simple gift for a friend.

01 Nov 2013

Semaphore Wolf

Haven’t you ever wished you had a stuffed animal that you could talk to … USING SEMAPHORE!?!?

Before you ask, this is semaphore, and yes I’m telling you now that a stuffed animal communicating in semaphore is a thing that you want (obviously!):


Yeah, you’ve seen it before. Now you know what I’m talking about.

And here is the stuffed animal that you now want:

27 Sep 2013

Owl (spirit-mask)

Created as a representation of my own spirit animal.
This one ended up becoming a gift for a new friend at Burning Man. I don’t regret that decision… but I think I might make another one of these, because it’s awesome!

My best mask so far, if I do say so myself :)

26 Sep 2013

Fox (spirit-mask)

For Lindsay!

A gift for a close friend on her birthday. This is currently the most time I’ve spent on any of my masks.

Digitally painting this mask helped immensely with figuring out what I was going to do with the finished design.

Credit to Merimask for being a huge source of inspiration with this one.


Mini-fox! (it’s about 1 inch tall)

26 Sep 2013

Sea-turtle (spirit-mask)

For Genevieve!
This sea-turtle mask is made to represent her spirit animal.


26 Sep 2013

Dragon mask

Inspired by dragon features. An experiment in shaping more creatively and digitally painting a mask prior to actually painting it.


26 Sep 2013

Dog… iron-man… thing

Yeah I don’t really know what this is. I was going for a kind of dog inspired theme, and I also wanted to try out some new paints.

Ta-daa! 😀

26 Sep 2013

First leather mask

Here’s the first leather mask I created.

Special thanks go to Hjeron O’ Sidhe of Mythmaker for his workshop that introduced me to the world of mask-making

26 Sep 2013

Plague doctor mask

Here’s a mask I made for fun last halloween. I didn’t make this FOR halloween… just for fun, but the timing worked out nicely :)

I used this paper mache clay recipe, and I gotta say this stuff is amazing!
It’s rock hard and very easy to work with. Much easier than regular paper mache.


26 Sep 2013
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